Kenya has long drawn tourists for its abundance of wildlife. Journey from the Nairobi, Nakuru, and Naivasha National Parks nearNairobi, to the crossing of the Wildebeest and a visit to a Maasai village in the Maasai Mara.


Mongolia is one of my most epic adventures. I spent 4 weeks there. With no plan on arrival I ended up hiking 50km to see a glacier, visiting Eagle Hunters, watching wrestlers practise for the Naadam festival, staying in the homes of our driver's family, camping by rivers, and pushing the van out of a river bed. The roads were truly awful. The people were truly amazing.


From the temples of Bagan, to the fisher people on Inle Lake and the streets of Yangon, Burma is a treat to explore


A country full of stories. Diverse local tribes, colonisation, wildlife, and new investment. My visit to a Himba tribe was a really special experience.